Frequently Asked Questions About Showings

1. How long is Rise Above the Mark?

This documentary is 65 minutes in length.

2. How do we send payment for a showing?

All payments for showings are donations to the West Lafayette Schools Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that funds Rise Above the Mark. Click the DONATE button at the top of this website to send your donation.

3. Can my organization send a check as a form of payment for our showing?

Yes. Please send your check payable to the West Lafayette Schools Education Foundation at 1130 N. Salisbury St., West Lafayette, IN 47906. Please reference “Rise Above the Mark Showing” on your memo line.

4. What is the difference between Web Streaming, Blu-ray, and DVD for methods of delivery of Rise Above the Mark?

When using the internet streaming option, the documentary is in high definition. It is important to make sure that your showing location will have a reliable internet connection on the date of your event. Blu-ray is the most reliable option for showing the movie because it is a hard copy that is in High Definition. The DVD option for your showing the documentary is in standard definition and not as crisp as the other options.

5. Once we receive the web streaming link, how do we use it?

The web streaming link will be sent by email to you after payment is received. From any computer with an internet connection you can access this link to play the documentary. Each link has a specific expiry date and a maximum number of views. If your link expires, please contact

6. Do I need to return the Blu-ray or DVD disc after the showing?

Yes. Until Rise Above The Mark is available for sale on DVD and Blu-ray, we require that the disc be returned after your showing.

7. Do we need to pick a date that the Rise Above The Mark staff approves?

No. Your organization can choose the date that works best for you and your audience.

8. When will our showing date for Rise Above The Mark be confirmed?

Once we receive your donation we will confirm your showing date and provide you with the necessary materials.

9. Who do I contact for technology questions?

Please contact the documentary's director, Jack Klink, at for any technology questions or issues with showing your documentary.

10. Who do I contact for questions on “Additional Options” or other issues regarding showings of Rise Above the Mark?

Please contact our general questions email address at This will ensure that someone can assist you properly.

11. Is Rise Above The Mark be available for sale for personal use?

Rise Above the Mark is available on Blu-ray and DVD at The film will also be available on iTunes and Apple TV very soon! These purchase options for Rise Above the Mark are for personal viewing only. Copyright prohibits using these copies in public or formal showings without prior consent from us. Showing permission can be requested here.

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